Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nexit?

Nexit is the next generation in mobile mapping. As the only app that provides highway travelers with all of the information they need in one place, Nexit powers the perfect road trip.

Not only does Nexit provide turn-by-turn directions, but it also allows users to search for any combination of popular restaurants, hotels, shopping, attractions and the cheapest gas along the route.

How does Nexit work?

Nexit is an intuitive road-trip app that predicts where you’re going and shows you exits with businesses and amenities that match your needs.

You can browse exits in map-view to see what’s coming up over the next 50 miles, or search for what you need next on your trip using multiple parameters — whether it’s a classic diner, a hotel under $150 with an indoor pool, the cheapest gas, or all three at the same exit.

What sets Nexit apart?

Intuitive Driving – Open the app to see every business and amenity at every exit up ahead – including gas stations, restaurants, and hotels – whether or not you enter a destination.

Advanced Search – Search for what you want and filter based on price, distance, or features such as pet-friendly or gluten-free.  Or, let Nexit find you an exit that has every business and amenity you need.

Trip Planning – Plan your trip around your schedule. Enter your destination to see exit -specific information for any point along your route, whether you’re searching by miles or hours into your trip.

Hi-Tech Gas Pricing – View all gas prices for your entire trip, whether you’re going down the highway or across country, updated in real-time with the cheapest options highlighted.

How to make an account?

In the near future, Nexit users will be able to create an account that will enable them to save trips, preferences and share their information.

What is Route Planning Mode?

Plan your stops before you go – Easily plan your stops ahead of time based on what’s available at each exit: for instance, a McDonald’s with an indoor playspace. See every exit you’ll pass, and zoom in to get a closer look at its businesses and amenities.

What is Highway Mode?

When you are driving on a highway, Nexit automatically switches to highway mode so you can:

  • See what’s coming up on the road ahead, whether or not you’ve entered driving directions.
  • View all upcoming exits, including the businesses and amenities at each exit.
  • View and compare gas prices, and easily find the cheapest gas.

What is TravMatch?

Search for multiple types of businesses using multiple parameters, and find an exit that has everything you want.

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