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Road Trips Enjoyed by the Whole Family

Family road trips just got better! A road trip with your spouse and kids always sounds like a good idea. 

Unfortunately, what seems brilliant at first can turn into a fiasco without accounting for your family’s wants and needs while on the road. Beyond that, longer trips can be disastrous if you don’t find ideal places to stop to rest and stretch your legs.

Don’t settle for randomness and luck during turn-offs. With Nexit, it’s possible to navigate your entire trip with carefully chosen routes and rest areas that make the adventure enjoyable for everyone.

Traveling Options with Nexit

Planning Activities That Make the Whole Family Happy

Everyone stops during their road trip. In fact, in many ways, these stops are the highlights of the journey. That’s why Nexit is the only travel app made for stopping.

So it makes sense to plan these stops according to your family’s preferences.

For instance, are you driving with three teenagers seeking an indoor pool at one of your rest stops?

Perhaps access to an exercise room and Domino’s is a top priority when pulling into a hotel for the night. Finding such a facility will ensure everyone’s needs have been met and they’re having fun.

Then there are the more experiential stops that many families enjoy. In which case, you might need Nexit’s help locating a pet-friendly theme park with gluten-free restaurants.

A Tool that Plans Your Family Road Trip: From Driving to Stopping

Wouldn’t it help if you had a co-pilot that knew the ins and outs of both your destination and the road traveled there?

Don’t get us wrong – the person next to you may provide excellent companionship in the passenger’s seat. But a more intuitive trip-planning tool would make everyone’s life easier.

That’s what you’ll get with Nexit, the trip-planning app of the here, now, and the distant future.

What Can Nexit Do for Your Road Trip?

Whether you’re considering Mom’s wants versus Dad’s wants, or one child’s wants versus the other’s, Nexit is your go-to resource. 

While driving, the technology gives you voice instructions that intuitively guide you through every turn and exit. Furthermore, you’ll avoid road jams due to real-time traffic updates.

More relevantly to this blog, when you’ve stopped in a town or city, Nexit shows multiple search results by brand and/or amenity.

Therefore, no matter how hyper-specific your preferred amenities might be, Nexit caters to those preferences. This way, the whole family will be satisfied, and nobody will feel excluded.

Something else worth noting is once you arrive at your destination, Nexit can further guide your trip as a vacation resource. You don’t need to load yourself up on brochures trying to establish your lay of the land. 

Conveniently, you may plot your itinerary by pressing a few buttons. 

Saving a Few Bucks Along the Way

Your options for a trip tend to dwindle when raked over the coals by gas pricing. After all, paying for an entire family generally requires stringent budgeting.

Have no fear – Nexit’s high-tech gas pricing will help find you the best available and most accessible places to fill up.

It’s time to get the most out of your family’s travels –  Nexit is the intuitive road-trip app to make this happen.

Happy and safe driving 🚗
Team Nexit.