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The Nexit Navigation Platform: Just-in-Time Experiences for the Road Ahead

Ah, the holidays; a season that can be as hectic as it is festive! It’s a time when all of us could use a little assistance with both our to-do list and our budget. Whether you have a long road trip ahead to get over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s or you’re hosting family at home and have multiple errands to complete in order to plan the perfect event, a cost-effective strategy that also makes your life easier is the name of the game.

Luckily, your first gift this holiday season is the Nexit navigation platform! Want to find the best holiday gift deals at your favorite stores? Have to stop for a bottle of wine to bring to the party? Need to find the cheapest gas on your road trip to relatives’ homes? Nexit has you covered. That’s because the Nexit platform offers so much more than simple driving directions and basic search findings; Nexit is uniquely designed to give you what you want, when you want it. Created to be the last word in next generation navigation, Nexit provides real-time functionality as well as customized coupons, exclusive offers, and personalized journey mapping that other mobile apps can’t match. Nexit empowers the journey by providing you with exactly what you need on the road when you need it.

Real Time Experiences: The Key to the Nexit Difference

What do we mean by “real time experiences”?

Real-time experiences means reacting to and meeting the needs of users in, or near, real-time. It’s about creating relevant messaging and offers by listening to and anticipating customer needs and feedback. And it’s the feature that sets Nexit apart from other navigation apps. Nexit is the first truly intelligent mapping platform available.

Consider the following:

You and your family are on the road, heading to visit your in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday. You have a 600-mile trip ahead of you. With two little ones in the car and a tight holiday budget, you want to ensure you’re making smart choices on the road while also meeting everyone’s needs to keep them happy. Plus, you have a couple last minute stops to make before you arrive at your final destination.

Never fear; the Nexit navigation platform has you covered! Nexit is an intuitive navigation platform, allowing you to plan your stops around finding exactly the amenities you need on the exit you need it. It also provides exclusive pop-up offers and discounts you can use to maximize your stop and keep you on budget.

Nexit is the Road Trip Co-Pilot You’ve Always Dreamed of Having at Your Fingertips

Nexit’s instinctive, real-time platform maps out every exit off the highway on your route, providing you with road-trip-relevant restaurants, hotels, gas stations, shops, and attractions up ahead, grouped by exit. Searches can be customized with the amenities and budget guidelines you determine. Nexit remembers your favorite brands and search criteria to customize your journey and tailor unique offers t0 maximize your time on the road.

With the Nexit platform, you can plan ahead of time exactly when and where to fuel up. Nexit’s gas pricing module is updated twice daily and gives you the cheapest gas prices on your journey to keep your gas budget on point.

Quick, affordable meals on the road are also a breeze with Nexi

t’s proprietary TravMatch feature. Keep everyone in the car happy by finding exactly the food everyone wants when they want it. What’s more, Nexit’s premium partnerships with some of the nation’s biggest brands and loyalty programs means you have unfettered access to discounts that aren’t even a consideration on apps like Google Maps or Waze.

The Nexit navigation platform is so much more than driving directions. Nexit takes every concern you have about road trips and answers them by empowering the journey. It puts you truly in the driver’s seat of all your road adventures. By giving you all the tools and functionality you need to be fully in control, Nexit takes all the worry and risk out of road travel.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Nexit platform on iOS TODAY and get ready to experience the benefits of the first intelligent, real time navigation platform on your upcoming holiday road trips!