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BGR: This new navigation app has smart features you won’t find in Waze or Google Maps

It’s particularly crowded everywhere this time of year, not just because of the moody weather, but also because everyone is going places. Traveling during the holidays can be a massive chore, especially if it involves lots of driving. And while there are at least a couple of great apps to help you out with directions and all sorts of relevant navigation data, it turns out they have a massive flaw, one that a newcomer is looking to fix.

Sure, Waze will warn you about all sorts of incidents, snowy roads included, and Google Maps will show you great places to eat, and tell you whether the next train is crowded. But neither will tell you when it’s best to stop to make the most of your journey while on a drive. There’s one app that will, and that’s why you’re probably going to want to check out Nexit on the iPhone this Christmas.

The Nexit app’s killer feature is that it wants to deliver only the information that makes sense while you’re driving, and let you customize your stops. You may be looking for specific hotels or restaurants for your stops, or you may want to save on gas. Well, that’s what Nexit does, apparently, all without leaving the app for a third-party alternative. Here’s what Forbes had to say about the app:

Most notably, Nexit lets you customize a search by selecting multiple criteria at once, which is very handy when you’re looking for, say, a hotel under $125 a night that accept pets and has a gym, an indoor pool, and free breakfast. Hungry? You can search for a favorite chain, type of food, dietary restrictions or options that have dine-in, drive-thru, take-out, open 24 hours, full bar, kids play area and more.

That kind of functionality might help you spend less time planning your stops and actually let you enjoy the drive.

But wait, it gets even better, the app will only show you relevant places along your ride. You’ll no longer have to deal with a gas station that’s many miles away from your location but still shows up on Google Maps and Apple Maps. Even better, the app will show gas prices along the route to help you save money.

“For example, I searched along a route from Ashland, Kentucky, to Atlanta, Georgia,” Nexit CEO Randy Carpenter told Forbes. “As you zoom out of a stretch of exits, you see $2.05, $2.09, $2.49, $2.19, and $2.31. Five straight exits, and that’s the variance. We think people are going to love to be able to save significant money while they’re traveling.”

You’ve got to admit it, these features sound like excellent additions to one’s driving experience, and they’re probably the kind of improvements that rival apps might want to steal. Hopefully, Nexit also does the actual navigation part at least as well as Google Maps and Waze. Nexit for iPhone is available at this link.

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