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Planning the Ultimate Family Road Trip with Nexit

Whether you’re an experienced RV-er or new to the lifestyle, there’s nothing better than planning the ultimate family road trip in the USA. Unsurprisingly, RV vacations are considered a bucket-list item: you can just load up with the kids and hit the road! And with everything that’s happened this year, an RV trip can provide the perfect, safe vacation you and your family need.

However, spending a little bit of time planning your route and researching your trip could be the make or break of your vacation. Here’s where Nexit comes in. We understand that spontaneity is at the core of adventuring, but a little bit of planning can go a long way on family road trips! Nexit lets you have the best of both of these, making a road trip that meets the needs of both you and the kids – the ultimate family road trip. The navigation app may seem like an extra piece of tech that might be helpful – but if you use it right, it’ll be the difference between “Are we there yet?” and the driving itself being half the excitement of your vacation.

So let’s get started!

How to choose the perfect destination for your family

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One glance at a map will tell you that there are so many incredible road trip destinations available. But not all destinations are going to be suitable for every traveler. We’ve decided to plan a road trip to Lake Tahoe – it has all the alpine adventure at Mt Rose you could want as well as a scenic resort hotel and Sand Harbour Beach where you can kick back and relax.

Now, traveling with kids – be it toddler or teenagers – isn’t the easiest thing. That’s why Nexit is known as the navigation app for stopping – not driving. Breaking up the duration of your drive will keep you and your family entertained – and hopefully, avoid any arguments and cabin fever! Seems farfetched? Here’s an example. Maybe tiredness is taking its toll. Using Nexit, you can find a Starbucks for a caffeine boost at an exit along your route, without having to add any extra time on your journey! But here’s where the magic really starts. While you’re in the line at Starbucks, your partner could be picking up lunch at Wendy’s. The kids could be getting ice cream. And if anyone needs to go to the bathroom, you’ve got five-star rated restrooms a minute away.

Are you convinced now? With Nexit, your road trip stops aren’t just about stretching your legs and doing jumping jacks. They’re about genuinely allowing you to get the most of your journey. Completely customizable, personalized travel. You can find an exit along the route to Lake Tahoe with every amenity you need, down to the smallest detail.

Personalize your ultimate family road trip

While you’re on the road, you can search for anything along your route using Nexit’s ‘Travmatch’ feature. We found an arcade at Harvey’s in South Lake Tahoe – perfect for hours of fun with the kids! Conveniently, it’s also near the kids club at The Ridge Tahoe – which could be an excellent way for your kids to have fun while you and your partner go paddleboarding out on the water or have a romantic dinner together. Nexit makes it easy for your adventuring spirit to come out in full force, whether you’re a young teenager or a parent.

Here’s another example: You and your partner are dying for some steak, but your toddler has been raving about ice cream. Using Nexit, you can find an exit that has both an Outback and a Dippin’ Dots. Maybe your teenager wants a hotel with an indoor pool, and your partner wants a hotel with a gym. Say no more, Nexit will find a hotel along your route that has both! Or perhaps you’re traveling with a vegetarian? Nexit will help you with that, too! And here’s the killer. Nexit gives you real-time gas price comparisons at all your exits.

And there you have it! Go ahead and get started on planning your ultimate family road trip with Nexit. You can cater to every one of your family’s needs while still enjoying that feeling of wanderlust. Download Nexit today and start your journey.

Happy and safe driving 🚗
Team Nexit