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Route Planning with Nexit

At Nexit, we know that route planning is stressful. Last-minute stops can put you completely out of your way, adding time to your journey. Or, your navigation system can find a place you need 1,000 miles away from you – in the opposite direction. Sound familiar? That’s why we created Nexit! Navigation apps are for driving, but Nexit is the app for stopping.

Planning your Route

Let’s take a look at this road trip from Ashland, Ky to Los Angeles, CA. 

This is a 2,281-mile trip – the potential for route planning stress is definitely there. But don’t worry! Here’s what Nexit knows:

  • There are 609 exits along this route
  • Every single gas station and their prices on this entire route – and will find the cheapest for you
  • Nexit will show you everything at exits along your route: hotels, stores, restaurants, and more!

Nexit Travmatch Features

Route planning has already become easy with Nexit’s innovative and unique features.

Nexit’s Game-Changing Features

Now, these features sound great, right? But wait! There’s even more that Nexit can do for your route planning!

Nexit shows you the cheapest gas per exit along your entire route. But it doesn’t stop there – it can find the single gas station with the cheapest, so you don’t have to worry about that all too familiar moment of seeing cheaper gas prices right after you filled up your tank.

The magic doesn’t stop there. While on this road trip, let’s say you wanted to find a pet-friendly hotel with an indoor pool and fitness center. Sounds hard to find, right? Too specific? Well, let’s say you also wanted to eat at an Outback Steakhouse before you settled down for the evening. And you needed to swing by a CVS too. Nexit will find an exit along your route that has all of these. It is fully customizable, personalizable, and intuitive.

Nexit Route Planning Features

Route planning proximity

At Nexit, we know what a let-down it is when your navigation system shows a stop you need 1,000 miles behind you. But Nexit is different! Our Travmatch feature won’t show amenities behind you or completely off your route – we’ll show you results at the exits along your journey. If you want to go off-road for a little, Nexit’s City Mode can also find amenities near and around you. If you’re doing a bit of shopping and need to find a Whole Foods and a Starbucks, Nexit will locate them nearby. Nexit really is a route planning gamechanger.

Happy and safe driving!

Randy Carpenter, President and CEO of Nexit.