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How Does Nexit Save You Money? Let Us Count The Ways

By, Marc Saltzman

Not all navigation apps are created equal.

Oh sure, they’re designed to help you navigate from Point A to B, with helpful visual and audible turn-by-turn instructions, but some apps go above and beyond this core functionality.

The free Nexit, for example, focuses just as much on the journey as it does the destination.

Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip or navigating inside a city (even on foot), Nexit intelligently predicts where you’re going and shows you relevant businesses and amenities along your route, making it a must-have travel companion for your iPhone (and soon, Android).

Another key differentiator: Nexit doesn’t just save you time – it can save you money, as well.

Wait, what?!

Yep, the following are a few ways Nexit helps you keep cash in your pocket, which is especially important today given the financial impact of the pandemic on many.

See the Cheapest Gas in Your Area 

When you first open the Nexit app in City mode, you’ll see which stations have the cheapest gas in your area – so no need to open another app for that handy info. All the prices per gallon are listed and you can tape to take you there on the quickest route.

Should you enter the Planning mode for a road trip to Chicago from Dallas, for example, you’ll see gas prices worth noting per exit along your route.

Start driving and Nexit pops into Highway mode, and the app will automatically show you a best gas prices ticker at the top of your iPhone or iPad screen, over the next 50 miles.

Specify How Much You Want To Spend On Stops 

Another unique feature of Nexit is booking all your stops along your journey. Called TravMatch, this innovative features lets you select a handful of amenities on a particular exit, such as a Mexican restaurant, pharmacy, ATM to withdraw some money, and a hotel.

Not only does this save you time by selecting all these stops (“Points of Interest,” or “POI”) all inside this one app, but for hotels and motels you can also specify how much you want to spend. For example, you can say you don’t want to pay more than, say, $150, to reserve a room for the night.

Not only you can choose a place to sleep by location and price, but also by brand (e.g. Comfort Inn, Travelodge, Courtyard by Marriott, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, and so on), and even by amenity (pets allowed, free Wi-Fi, indoor pool, wheelchair accessibility, and so forth).

Load Up Your Loyalty Cards Inside The App

A third way Nexit saves you money is supporting many different loyalty cards for you to benefit from discounts and rewards. 

After all, you may forget you have access to these loyalty programs or don’t want to take the time to add your card number on a purchase.

Not a problem with Nexit, as it has several partners that lets you sign into their website – such as a retail chain, insurance provider, gas station company or a membership for seniors – so you can receive discounts, points, and other rewards for filling up, sleeping out, or purchase items at a convenience store, for example.

The way this works is downloading a customized version of Nexit after signing in with your credentials.

One Last Thought: Time Is Money  

Finally, while it may be an overused cliché, it is true that time is money.

Nexit does it all in this one free download, which is incredibly liberating and time-saving, instead of the alternative, which is opening several apps along your trip — or driving around in circles — to find the cheapest gas, book hotels or access rewards information. This is taking away valuable time away from a family getaway or important business trip.

The TravMatch feature alone is worth its weight in gold, allowing everyone in the vehicle to get what they want at the same exit, or spread out over a few of them, if preferred, and allowing you to choose brand, location, amenities, locations, and budget guidelines. Nexit can handle multi-layered search options, with ease.

Be sure to download Nexit today for free, and tell a friend, family member and colleague about it, as well.

For those looking to save time and money – and frustration – need not look any further than Nexit. The next-generation of highly personalized nav apps is here.


About Marc Saltzman: With 25 years of industry experience, Marc Saltzman is a recognized and trusted technology and gaming evangelist in North America. Marc is a freelance journalist for more than 40 publications (including a syndicated column with USA TODAY), a prolific (16-time) author, radio and television personality, public speaker, and host of “Gear Guide,” which runs on Cineplex movie theater screens across Canada. Marc specializes in consumer electronics, online technology, business tech, interactive entertainment, and future trends. Marc is the host and producer of the nationally syndicated Tech It Out, a  1-hour radio show  (100+ stations) and podcast via Radio America (with 1-minute interstitial that runs on 279 U.S. stations, including Sirius XM’s Radio Classics).