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Nexit Stories From the Road: Nexit Real World Case Studies

As the Nexit platform is being downloaded for FREE by people all over the country, (you can download it here for FREE too at this link: we continue to hear great stories from Nexit users about how Nexit has assisted their lives by providing them with so much more than just directions from Point A to Point B. Nexit provides users with options for savings, needed amenities, and much more whether they’re traveling across country or just doing Saturday errands. We thought we’d share with you some stories we’ve heard from Nexit users that highlight why Nexit is the last word in next generation navigational marketing platforms.

Godfather’s Pizza Story

Nexit brought Molly, a user in the Midwest, a moment of welcome nostalgia over the holidays. Growing up in Minnesota, wintertime and the holidays brought lots of memories of childhood skating and pizza parties. One of her favorite pizza brands had been Godfather’s Pizza, a popular brand in the Midwest throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

By the time that Molly had a family of her own, Godfather’s Pizza brand was no longer to be found in Minnesota. “I used to think about it from time to time like you do when you have that moment of “Hey, whatever happened to?” conversation with friends,” said Molly. While she often craved the pizza she’d grown up with and that she associated with so many wonderful childhood memories, she assumed that opportunity had passed to share it with her own children, until Nexit recently brought it back to her.

“We were using Nexit on our trip to visit relatives over the holidays. My kids were hungry for pizza, and we needed to fuel up too,” says Molly. “So, I used the Trav Match exit feature on Nexit to find an exit on our route that had a pizza place and an open gas station.” To Molly’s surprise and delight, the exit two miles ahead had what they were looking for – including a Godfather’s Pizza. “I couldn’t believe there were still some open out of state!” said Molly. “It was great to relive that memory with my own kids. Still tasted just as great as I remembered it, too!”

That’s one of the many great things about Nexit. Both on a cross-country trip and even when you’re in Nexit City Mode running your Saturday errands, Nexit helps you discover local businesses or brands you thought were gone that are still out there, waiting to be re-discovered.

Peet’s Coffee

Studies have shown that brand recognition is an important part of a consumer’s willingness to try a product, but sometimes it’s hard for new brands to get the traction they need in competitive product fields where they don’t have a large marketing and advertising budget. Nexit can help new brands be discovered by people on the road.

Nexit user John decided to try a new brand of coffee recently thanks to a moment of recognition that was brought to him by Nexit. “I am an avid coffee drinker, but unlike a lot of fellow coffee drinkers who are loyal to one brand, from time to time, I like to experiment with different brands,” said John, “but I also feel better knowing they’re established brands that have past other coffee lover’s taste test.”

John and his wife were preparing for a large family gathering over the holidays, and while shopping for the event at the grocery store, John was in charge of picking out coffee. “I was looking for something different and was also at a decent price point, and saw Peet’s coffee on the shelf,” said John. While previously John had never heard of Peet’s coffee, a recent road trip for work found him needing to stop in for a quick caffeine pick-me-up, and a Peet’s Coffee location was on his route. “It was a great cup of coffee but one I would never have discovered had it not been for me searching for coffee locations on Nexit,” said John, “Knowing it was a quality product because I had tried it on the road, I decided to purchase the in-store version. It was a big hit with family over the holidays!” said John, “and I’ll definitely keep purchasing it for home and look for it when I’m on the road now.” This is how Nexit can help cross promote brands and help them spread brand recognition.

Gas Savings

Geena, a recent college graduate, was planning a cross-country road trip last summer to visit some college friends she hadn’t seen since graduation. “One of the things that’s hard after you graduate is that many of your closest friends you’re used to seeing every day end up going to other places to start their careers,” said Geena. “I decided to head from Texas to California to visit two of my best friends who both went to California after school.”

Being a new graduate and working her first job, Geena was on a tight budget. “Even opting to drive rather than fly, I still had to adhere to a tight budget while on the road. I had to make sure I maximized both my gas and food budget while driving. I heard about the Nexit app from a friend, and I am so glad I did,” said Geena, “Nexit really helped me stay on my budget while I also stayed course.”

With Nexit, Geena was able to find everything she needed while on her road trip and economize while doing it. “The great thing about Nexit is that not only was I able to find everything I needed on my road trip, – from gas, to hotels, to food, – but I was also able to find the best deal on all of it,” says Geena. “I was able to plan when and where I fueled up based upon what was the best price for gas. I saved .37 cents a gallon one time because I was able to see gas would be cheaper on an exit two miles down the road,” says Geena. “I was also able to time my travel based on where I could get the best deal for hotels,” says Geena. “And best of all, it never took me off my route. Nexit TravMatch showed me where I could find the best prices and rates via exits on my way, so I never lost time. It was a huge help both from a budgetary standpoint and from a travel time standpoint.”

Stories like Geena’s are what makes Nexit so much more than a simple navigation app. Nexit provides unlimited value to both users and brands by introducing them to travelers and showcasing special offers and deals so travelers know where they can get the best deals when they travel.

Helping Find What You Need for Your Family on the Road

Like many families, the Frederick family found themselves having to cancel and change vacation plans during the pandemic restrictions. “We had a big family trip planned for last summer to Disneyworld, but we obviously had to cancel that,” said Jen Frederick. “Our kids were very disappointed of course, and since both my husband and I work long hours, family vacation time is very important to us. So, we decided to take advantage of a cabin offered by a friend and get away for a little bit of R & R as planned.”

Once the family hit the road to their out of the way retreat, the family realized they had forgotten something important while packing. “My daughter takes medication for Plaque Psoriasis, and since lots of time in the sun can aggravate it, we wanted to make sure we had it with us. Unfortunately, we had forgotten it,” says Jen.

More than two hundred miles from their home pharmacy, the family was concerned they might have to put a damper on the vacation by keeping their daughter indoors, or possibly cancel their adventure and head home. Then, Nexit gave Jen an idea. “We used Nexit to plan our route to the cabin and find the best deals on gas on our way. I noticed there was a CVS coming up in about ten miles, and that’s where we have our prescriptions filled. It gave me an idea.” Says Jen.

Stopping into the CVS down the road, the pharmacist at the out-of-town CVS was able to look up her daughter’s record and call her pediatrician to get permission to give her an emergency refill of her medication. “Without Nexit alerting me to finding a CVS on the road, I would have never had the idea to get a refill on the road,” say Jen. “We likely would have cancelled the trip all together rather than take a chance my daughter would have had a painful flair up on our vacation.”

One of the greatest aspects of Nexit is that it provides travelers with options. Options to find the best deals on a variety of travel needs and accommodations as well as assistance when needed to ensure that their travel plans don’t have to be interrupted by something essential, they need on the road.

As you can see, Nexit provides levels of assistance that other navigation apps like Google apps and Waze don’t offer. Nexit provides value and options to clients that make them feel at home no matter where they are. Download the Nexit platform for FREE today at the Apple App store by clicking on this link: