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Nexit’s New Orleans Valentine’s Day Road Trip

While roses, a box of chocolates, and a nice dinner date are perfectly acceptable for Valentine’s Day, why not indulge this year and go the extra mile for your special someone? To help you plan a trip to remember this Valentine’s Day, Nexit has put together a dream road trip to New Orleans, Louisiana!

Nexit's Valentine's Day

If fairytale romance is your thing, you’ll love New Orleans for this special day. It is a city of romance, delicious food, electric nightlife, and vast music culture. Join us on Nexit’s New Orleans Valentine’s Day road trip!

Planning for Valentine’s Day with Nexit

Planning ahead will be key for this romantic getaway, as many couples flock to New Orleans on Valentine’s Day. Using Nexit, you can beat the highway traffic and find pit stops along your route that has every amenity you need – (a gas station with the cheapest fuel, a CVS, and a Starbucks? Nexit will find an exit that has all three!)

If you and your partner are interested in nature and art, Jackson Square is the first thing to check off on our must-do Valentine’s Day itinerary. Located in the French Quarter of the city, the square is a must-see destination for everyone, especially if your goal is to get romantic! From the scenic Mississippi waterfront to the historic district, there are fewer romantic places to be. Fortune tellers, live music, and sketch artists line the streets to create a lively atmosphere. Why not get a couple’s portrait done while you’re there?

Nexit’s City Mode for Valentine’s Day

Using Nexit’s City Mode, you can find all the shops, businesses, and companies near you. This is perfect for navigating the French Quarter which is littered with shops, nightclubs, restaurants, and art galleries. Whether you have a specific place in mind or just want to stroll freely with your partner, Nexit will support you either way and make your road trip successfully romantic! And it’s no wonder how, with the French Quarter being such a fantastically charming place. Fun Fact: Tennessee William’s ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ is set in the French Quarter!

Speaking of streetcars, another romantic activity for you and your date to enjoy on Valentine’s Day is a round trip streetcar ride! For just $5, you can take in some of the most romantic and iconic streets in New Orleans such as New Charles Avenue lined with oak tree canopies and historic buildings. So beautiful!

Nexit’s Innovative Technology

To make Valentine’s Day special, you’d need a great hotel, romantic enough for the holiday and to impress your loved one. Perhaps the renowned Hotel Le Marais or Hotel Mazarin. Whatever you decide, you can use Nexit to book and compare rates – and can even book directly from the app!

Speaking of making reservations, restaurants will be getting full up with locals  – so make sure to book your romantic dinner date destination well in advance. But if you’ve forgotten to do so, don’t panic! Nexit’s City Mode can show you the restaurants around you, so don’t worry about traveling too far out!

And there you have it! Nexit’s guide to a New Orleans Valentine’s Day road trip! And if you think this sounds great, why not extend your trip a few nights and enjoy Mardi Gras?

As the local saying goes: ‘Every day is Valentine’s Day in New Orleans’!

Happy Valentine’s Day and safe driving,

Team Nexit ❤️