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Make Your Holidays Easier with Nexit!

Make Your Holiday Season Brighter with Nexit

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes the usual last-minute shopping, errands galore, and travel to family and friends festivities. While we all love the holiday season, there’s no denying that getting everything done – and bringing it all in on your budget – can prove stressful. These are the times you wish you had an extra pair of hands; some type of helper who could help you get what you need cheaper and where you need to be easier and faster.

Meet Nexit, your new holiday assistant!

So Much More Than a Navigation App

Whether you live in a climate where you can count on a White Christmas or you’re used to a warm holiday season, getting everywhere you need this holiday season can be a real challenge. Snowy weather might add to the ambiance of the season, but it’s not fun to navigate in, and road construction can make getting to holiday parties anything but festive. Nexit is specifically designed to make any of your upcoming holiday travel easier. Any of the traffic and driving directions you’ve come to rely on Nexit has, but better.

Long road trip ahead to get to your Aunt’s annual holiday party? When you enter the highway, Nexit automatically switches to highway mode so you can:

• See what’s coming up on the road ahead, whether or not you’ve entered driving directions.
• View all upcoming exits, including businesses and amenities at each exit.
• View and compare gas prices, and easily find the cheapest gas.

What’s more, Nexit’s turn-by-turn voice and visual directions will guide you to any stops you select, while incorporating up-to-date traffic info so you can take the fastest way around issues like weather related traffic delays or road construction detours.

Gas Savings When You Need it Most

According to a recent AAA poll, due to continued concerns about Covid, as much as 70% of Americans plan to “road trip it” rather than fly this holiday season, despite increasingly high fuel costs. If you’re planning on driving long distances, you’ll want to maximize your time on the road while still keeping an eye on gas prices. With the Nexit platform, you can plan ahead of time exactly when and where to fuel up on your holiday road trip. Nexit’s gas pricing module is updated twice daily and gives you the cheapest gas prices on your journey to keep your gas budget on point. Belong to a fuel brand loyalty program you want to collect points for, or an Association that offers you member deals at certain locations? No problem! Enter in your favorite brands to Nexit and the exclusive TravMatch feature will show where you can find all of those locations on your chosen route. What’s more, Nexit’s premium select partnerships with some of the nation’s biggest brands and loyalty programs means you have unfettered access to discounts that aren’t even a consideration on apps like Google Maps or Waze.

Find Exclusive Offers for Last Minute Shopping

No matter how much we might plan ahead, there always seems to be a few last minute stops we need to make in order to cross everything off of our holiday “To-Do’ list. Whether you need to find the best holiday gift deals at your favorite stores, stop for a bottle of wine to bring to the party, or need to find the cheapest gas on your road trip, Nexit has you covered. Nexit is uniquely designed to give you what you want, when you want it. Created to be the last word in next generation navigation, It provides real-time functionality and customized, exclusive offers from Nexit partners and personalized journey mapping that other mobile apps can’t match. Nexit empowers the journey by providing you with exactly what you need on the road when you need it. Locate last minute sales on your route in front of you rather than just by proximity so you’re never having to double back or pull off the road ahead to get what you need when you need it most.

Nexit City Mode: A Last-Minute Holiday Errand Lifesaver

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Nexit Provides Exclusive Offers When and Where You Need It!

If you’re not traveling far this year but still have several things to check off your errand list before the big day arrives, Nexit’s City Mode is designed specifically to help you cross those items off your list in no time.

Let’s say you need to stop at a toy store to pick up a last-minute gift for a cousin you didn’t know was coming to the party, your aunt texted and asked if you could pick up an extra bottle of wine to bring to dinner, and you need to pick up a quick gift for the Yankee Swap game that has just been added to the list of activities for the Christmas Eve party. You know all the places you need to find are within the city, but you’re short on time and don’t know the quickest way to get to all your needed stops. That’s why Nexit’s revolutionary City Mode exists!

Enter Nexit’s City Mode and you can list all the stops you need and find exactly where you can find everything you need at one exit, or in the quickest, easiest route to get all of your errands completed progressively. What’s more, Nexit gives you unprecedented access to local offers that keeps staying on your holiday budget easy. Nexit City Mode also gives you the opportunity to patronize local businesses you might never have known existed by always relying on big box stores to get what you need. Find a nearby local winery to pick up that bottle of wine, or a local toymaker selling unique gifts that will make you a champion gift giver with your nephew and also help you promote small business within your community. Nexit makes an entire day of errands simple, affordable, and especially enjoyable, allowing you to get back to enjoying the holiday season. Download the Nexit Mobile Platform for FREE today here: