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Nexit for Business: How Nexit Directs Users to Businesses Along the Way

Social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook provide relatively versatile marketing options for companies. However, these avenues are oversaturated to the point of white noise.

If your business is a physical store, restaurant, or recreational venue, you require a customer-attraction tool that makes an immediate impact.

Which brings us to Nexit, a navigation app that doubles as a marketing tool for business venues all over the country.

Let’s explore the multiple benefits of having your business featured on the Nexit app:

Timing is Everything

What a consumer wants today, they might not care about tomorrow.

Someone might have a craving for chili-cheese burgers on their way home from work. Without reinforcement, this will probably slip from their mind and be completely forgotten by the end of their journey.

Nexit’s technology showcases nearby burger joints in real-time so a person’s needs can be met during the moment they’re felt. This will be visible to the user when they want it, making this a highly targeted marketing approach.

If your business is featured on the Nexit app, you can strike when the iron is hot – and when the desire for your product is at its highest.

Personalized Marketing on Nexit

Here are three poignant statistics worth considering, provided by a marketing expert:

  • 44% of consumers are likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a company. 
  • Upon using personalized experiences, marketers witness an average increase of 20% in sales.
  • Personalization influences 59% of customers’ shopping decisions.

Nexit’s TravMatch feature allows users to select specific parameters for the places they wish to visit:

Imagine you run a restaurant and a potential customer is taking a road trip with 25 exits. They want a gluten-free option that’s pet friendly with a nearby fitness center.

Nexit filters down the options to those preferences, highlighting various locations throughout all 25 exits that meet these specific needs. 

What does this mean for your hypothetical restaurant?

The people being steered to your business by Nexit will be your ideal customer. Our technology increases the chance that they’ll be satisfied with your products or services. 

A bonus for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Our features highlight nearby convenience stores and best-priced gas stations for users.

With Nexit, your brand turns up the precise moment it’s needed, while someone’s already on the road. That’s much more beneficial than being made visible in a random blog post or social media ad while your target customer is on their bed or couch.

Happy and safe driving 🚗
Team Nexit.