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Nexit’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ Halloween Road Trip!

It’s that time of year… All Hallow’s Eve is nigh! And that means it’s the perfect time to join the Nexit Team on a spooky journey! This year, the movie Hocus Pocus has inspired us, so join us on Nexit’s Hocus Pocus Halloween road trip as we visit all the movie’s highlights in Salem, Massachusetts.

Nexit’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ Halloween Road Trip!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Sightseeing

First up on Nexit’s Halloween road trip is Salem’s Pioneer Village, home to the Sanderson Sisters’ cottage! Using Nexit’s real-time navigation system, we avoided the traffic and arrived with plenty of time to explore. Built in 1930, it’s the U.S.’ first living history museum. We visited the dugouts, faire house, and even the blacksmith to fully experience 17th Century Salem life. 

Nexit’s Convenience on Road Trips

After that, we moved on to our next Hocus Pocus road trip stop: The Ropes Mansion, owned by the Peabody Essex Museum. Featured in the movie for Alison’s Halloween party, the house’s beautiful gardens are free to visit and open to the public. We took a photo at the front entrance and learned that it was one of the most prominent homes in Salem during the 18th Century. Then we also checked out their Salem Heritage Trail and learned that the next stop on our road trip would be the Old Town Hall, just a few blocks away.

We decided to continue traveling without the trail, however, because using Nexit was more convenient. For example, after visiting the mansion, we got hungry. Using Nexit’s City Mode that allows you to search an unlimited combination of places, we found a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts. We just had to try their Spooky Six Halloween-themed donuts!

Stuffed, we continued on and arrived at the Old Town Hall in Derby Square, where the iconic ‘I Put a Spell on You’ song was performed. Inside, the building was open to the public and is home to the Salem Museum. We spent some time looking at the exhibits before it was time to call an end to Nexit’s Hocus Pocus Halloween road trip and return home.

On the drive back, we had to stop to fill up on gas. Using Nexit, we were able to find the exit along our route that had the cheapest fuel – saving us time and money! Without Nexit, our road trip would have been a lot more stressful – something that we definitely don’t want when we’re having holiday fun.


And so our Halloween road trip came to an end! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Next time you plan a road trip, be sure to use Nexit to make it so much easier.

And remember… It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus!


Happy Halloween 🎃

Team Nexit.