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Tech it Out’s Saltzman: “Nexit Is The Smart Navigation Mobile Platform Centered Around You”

Hit the road Jack, or Jill! But before you do, don’t forget to pack the most important tech tool in your arsenal: your smartphone.

Your cell phone is one of the best navigation tools available today. It can be as useful as a digital Swiss Army Knife. Today’s smart phones  take care of everything from communication to information and capturing and sharing memories.

Your smart phone can also handle navigation. Thanks to integrated GPS, large screens and free apps, you can safely get to your destination by following along the fastest route. Navigation apps take traffic conditions into account, too. But not all mobile navigation apps are equal. It’s important to find one that provides you with the most functionality in one application.

Some apps, like the free Nexit, isn’t just designed to get you from Point A to B, but also helping you find stops along the way.

But other navigation apps do this, too, you say?

The issue with other navigation apps – even the big ones that may already be pre-installed on your phone – is that they may let you ask to see “points of interest” like gas stations and restaurants, but they’re based on proximity alone, regardless of the direction you’re traveling.

For example, if you ask for a bank machine, standard map apps may show you one you already passed because it’s technically the closest to you. But no one wants to turn around when there could be one just ahead.

Nexit is smarter than that. Instead of showing you options by radius, it lists relevant stops by convenience.

Nexit is especially ideal when driving on freeways and interstate highways. Nexit suggests businesses you want all at one exit – in the direction you’re traveling. Talk about empowering the journey!

Highly Personalized Search

And it gets better: Nexit can also handle multi-layered options based on price, amenity, or brand.

Let’s say you’re on a road trip with the family. You decide to call it a night, as you’re tired and everyone is hungry. With Nexit, you can use your voice to say you’d like to find a pet-friendly Best Western for under $150, with an indoor pool for the kids, a nearby Olive Garden, Shell gas station (since you have a loyalty card with this chain), and a 7-Eleven to buy snacks for tomorrow’s car ride. Within a second or two, the app tells you it’s all about 12 miles away, on your route, and will instruct you to take Exit 435 in about 13 minutes.

In fact, you can book the hotel right from within Nexit, including any membership details or coupons you want to add.

Pretty cool, right?

This feature is called “Travmatch.”

Nexit lets you find all these stops at the same exit, or spread them in another fashion. What’s more, you can also browse exits to see what’s coming up. You can search using multiple parameters and criteria to customize exactly what you need when you need it.

Saving Money, Too

Available for iPhone and iPad (and Android is coming soon), Nexit doesn’t just save you time, and aggravation, but can also save you money, too.

When it comes to finding gas, Nexit highlights the cheapest fuel in your area, in real time, so you don’t have to go through an entire list and compare. Since price per gallon can vary quite a bit, you can elect to see the lowest price on your route and plan your re-fueling accordingly.

Tap a pop-up ad to be taken directly to cheap gas, utilizing turn-by-turn voice or visual directions. This feature works across the entire country, so frequent road trippers can greatly benefit from a mobile interface that makes fuel economy part of your regular travel routine.

Don’t forget, if you’re doing a search for gas you can also specify related amenities you’re interested in, like a car wash, clean restrooms, or an adjacent convenience store. Have a particular fuel brand to which you’re loyal? Perhaps one that offers a frequency loyalty program? That’s no problem. Nexit can show you exactly which exits those stations are situated throughout the entire country, allowing you to rack up loyalty points while also maximizing your travel budget.

You can also save money on your hotel choices. Not only can you book a hotel right from with the app, but you can also compare nearby hotels to see prices at-a-glance. Layering on popular hotel amenities like swimming pools, en suite washing machines, or long-term stay facilities is simple as can be. Nexit gives you the most customized, comprehensive searches available in a mobile mapping platform.

Other Features

  • A Convoy Mode: Sync your road trip with another vehicle, so all your stops show up on multiple devices simultaneously. Smart! No need to call the other vehicle to explain where to go and how to get there.
  • While this blog posts focuses on the longer road trips of life, Nexit also works on foot and in close proximity to home. Nexit’s City Mode search function provides the user with local search capabilities that can shrink a Saturday’s worth of errands by finding everything you need at one or two exits. It also provides turn-by-turn instructions to get to where you’re going effortlessly.
  • Partners are a big component of Nexit. The platform is designed to maximize ad potential to benefit both advertisers and end users. A robust back-end data platform collects and implements data directed marketing strategy. Advertisers can capitalize on users past and present behavioral data to market to them in real-time, offering pop-up exclusive offers and opt-in messaging at optimum times. Additionally, Nexit’s platform can be applied to an organization’s specific needs, including custom analytics, API services, white labeling options, and more. Nexit can also help brands reach an opted-in targeted audience, at the right time and at the right place.
  • Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is coming soon. Connect your iPhone or Android phone to your vehicle and the maps will show up on the vehicle’s dashboard.

That’s A Wrap

Nexit offers superior functionality, whether you’re on a road trip or daily commute, behind the wheel or walking around town. It offers unprecedented marketing capability for advertising partners looking to capitalize on the current trend toward “just in time” marketing. What’s more, it is a free download for iOS at the App Store.

Go ahead and install the app and give it a spin, and you’ll no doubt find its contextualized recommendations will make your journey a much more rewarding one.

Safe travels!