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Evacuation Planning with Nexit during Natural Disasters

Navigation apps like Nexit are great for daily convenience and road trips – but can users really rely on them for help during natural disasters and evacuation planning? Let’s look at how Nexit’s industry-leading features could help you during emergencies!

Evacuation Planning with Nexit during Natural Disasters

Nexit’s Evacuation Planning Technology

During natural disasters, you may be forced to leave your home to avoid a storm, flood, or fire. Perhaps you’ll need to find a hotel, a gas station, and a pharmacy for your family a safe distance away quickly. Other navigation apps will show you a stop you need 100 miles behind you, even ironically in the disaster zone. But using Nexit is different. Our technology will show you every stop you need along your route. Need a CVS in the direction you’re heading? Nexit will display all the pharmacies available along your route at different exits, so you can plan ahead of time and be prepared.

If you’re traveling with pets and are worried about finding a hotel that will accommodate your furry friend, you can use Nexit to filter hotels along your route. You can find pet-friendly hotels, compare rates and prices, and even book directly through the app. So whether you plan your evacuation route before you leave or find a place to sleep while you’re on the road, you can rely on Nexit during emergencies.

Efficient Travel during Natural Disasters

When you’re traveling during an emergency, it’s important to be fast and efficient. And with last-minute food and gas hunts, not to mention other pit stops and rests, your journey could become expensive. Google Maps will show you gas around you, not ahead of you, which isn’t the wisest during an emergency. Apple Maps doesn’t show gas prices at all. Nexit, however, will tell you the best gas prices at each exit along your route, highlighting them for quick and easy navigation.

You can also find one exit along your route that has every stop you need, so you can be fast and get on your way. If you need a Walmart, a public telephone, and handi-capped services, Nexit will find an exit along your route that has all of these.

And that’s why you can rely on Nexit for evacuation planning during natural disasters.

Happy and safe driving!

Team Nexit.