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How can Nexit Save you Time and Money?

Traveling is a costly endeavor and Nexit can save you time and Money. 

From gas and food to various other pit stops and rest spots, expenses tend to add up. Frequently, we don’t consider these different budget-consuming costs until the money is all gone.

In fact, Americans spent $938 million on domestic travel in 2018 alone. 

Of course, spending is necessary while on the road—you can only scrimp and save so much.

However, getting the most value from your travels means being savvy with your budgetary choices and not throwing money away when unnecessary. Nexit can save you both time and money.

Let’s investigate this further:

How can Nexit Save you Time and Money?

Nexit Versus other Navigational Technologies

Over the past decade, Apple, Google, and Waze’s navigational technologies have been made readily available.

Moreover, 67% of smartphone owners use navigation apps when driving.

Here’s the thing:

Universally, Nexit gives optimal value compared to Apple, Google, and Waze. 

Yes, those other apps will undoubtedly get you from A to B. But are they doing so efficiently and with your bank account in mind?

In the next section, we’ll discuss how Nexit differentiates itself from the ‘navigational app’ pack.

Conquering the Gas Station

Finding the best gas prices is a complicated task.

It’s one thing to find a good deal—it’s an entirely different notion to ensure those excellent prices aren’t a 10-mile detour from your route.

For starters, Google Maps only searches around you and not ahead of you. Plus, it doesn’t display the best gas prices. Neither of these factors is all that helpful mid-trip when you’re focused on maneuvering through the busy highway.

It’s then worth noting that Apple Maps doesn’t show gas prices at all, completely eliminating it from the conversation.

In contrast, Nexit plans your stops intuitively, based on your favorite rest spots, gas stations, and convenience stores. What’s more advantageous is how our travel app provides daily updates of the best gas prices along your route, highlighting them for seamless access. 

Not only will this add up on a more extended road trip, but it also saves you money every day:

Say you’re on an hour-long commute to work where you know the route like the back of your hand. In this instance, knowing favorable gas prices (in convenient locations) will vastly bolster your everyday savings.

The Value of Knowing Where You’re Going

Breaking down Nexit to its barest elements means relying solely on its directional capabilities. 

At first, we see that its voice commands help you avoid irritating, stifling traffic jams. You’ll then sidestep wasted time and gas through idling. 

There’s then the clear benefit coming from steady, reliable directions based on time-efficiency and fuel economy. Nexit will take you on the most optimal route to your destination that doesn’t allow you to veer off course and needlessly burn through your gas.  

The moral of this story? Don’t settle for inferior navigational tech that doesn’t consider your schedule or budget. By downloading the Nexit app, you’ll receive guidance that doesn’t merely get you from A to B, but directions on saving time and money.

Happy and safe driving 🚗
Team Nexit.