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A Nexit Holiday Staycation

How can Nexit spice up your holiday staycation?

Nexit Holiday Staycation

This year, the winter holidays will look a whole lot different than what you’re used to.

It’s a difficult pill to swallow, no doubt. For many, this is usually a chance to travel cross country to see their extended family. At the very least, even if you were planning to stay local, your plans would revolve around a packed house filled to the brim with your loved ones.

Sadly, in December 2020, nothing in the above is really an option.

However, just because you’re breaking away from what was expected doesn’t mean there’s no room to have plenty of fun! After all, you’re part of a resilient and resourceful society. Where there’s a problem, you come up with an appropriate solution. 

At Nexit, we think that just because this holiday is more likely to be a staycation, it doesn’t mean you can’t explore and take advantage of your local surroundings. Alternatively, you could hit the road and take a day trip to nearby towns or cities, enjoying perhaps slightly fewer nearby sights.

Let’s look at some activities to spice up your holiday staycation:

Hop into a time machine for your staycation

As the old saying goes, what’s old is new again. Revisiting this nostalgic form of entertainment helps you experience films in a whole different way.

For families, who merely need to get out of the house and find somewhere safe to visit, this staycation option will provide some much-needed enjoyment. 

It’s worth mentioning that – in 2020 –  there are only 305 drive-ins across the country versus 4,000 in 1958. 

Needless to say, it’ll be tough to stumble across such a facility. Fortunately, with Nexit – the next revolution in mapping technology – you’ll find these rare locations. The travel app’s advanced search feature, Trav Match, will help you suss out any proverbial diamond in the rough for your staycation.

Nexit takes you where you need to go, efficiently

Okay, given that drive-ins aren’t what one would call commonplace, you’ll likely have to drive a significant distance to get there.

Maybe it’d take 25 minutes. Perhaps, you’ll be on the road for an hour. Heck, you might want to make an entire day of it, if only to alter your current routine of sitting at home and looking at memes or shopping online. 

Regardless, not only will Nexit help you locate the nearest drive-in to your place, but it’ll also get you there efficiently and enjoyably.

Let’s look at how Nexit can help give you the best staycation this holiday:

  • With Nexit, you can see the upcoming exits and nearby businesses on the way to your destination. If you’re taking a long-haul road trip to the drive-in theatre, pitstops might be necessary. Whether it’s to fill up on gas or get some delicious food to-go – Nexit will lay out your options. You can even plan your trip before you start driving to find your preferred stops on the way to the theater. For example, Nexit will tell you where to find a White Castle several towns over.
  • Nexit also helps you compare gas prices between stations on the way to your destination. While Apple Maps doesn’t even compare gas prices, Google Maps can only find gas stations around you, not ahead of you.
  • Nexit takes you on the speediest route, incorporating real-time traffic information, helping you avoid bottlenecks that slow down your journey.

Be creative with your holiday staycation

Your staycation options aren’t only limited to the drive-in theater. It could be as simple as taking a relaxing road trip and visiting your favorite takeout spot with your family a few towns over.

Alternatively, perhaps there are sites to see. Whether it’s a majestic hilltop or a famous regional landmark you’ve never seen, the same Nexit bonuses apply. You can seamlessly plan your trip to suit you or your family’s preferences.

So, don’t feel discouraged because this holiday season must be different than the others. Instead, plan a creative staycation and let Nexit help you make a memory that you cherish for years.

Happy and safe driving 🚗
Team Nexit.