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Nexit’s Revolutionary City Mode

Nexit's Revolutionary City Mode

Have you ever been walking in your city with a list of places you need to visit? Perhaps a mental to-do list? Let’s say you need to visit a drug store, grab a coffee, and pick up some takeout before heading home. The problem is you don’t know the best way to go about it and your day out turns into a stressful rush. That’s why Nexit’s revolutionary City Mode exists!

City Mode’s Convenience

Nexit’s Travmatch search has been a highlight of the app’s revolutionary highway technology for some time now. You can find any combination of restaurants, stores, and amenities along your highway route. And for your convenience and pleasure, Nexit will show you where they all are at the same exit! This lets you customize the perfect road trip that meets the needs of everyone at any time. Newer to the app is its City Mode Travmatch, which brings Nexit’s industry-leading tech to the city.

This means that your stroll through the city can be stress-free knowing that you’ll find everything you need around you. Let’s see Nexit in action:

Say you’re walking in your local area and need some coffee, a car wash, and an ATM. Nexit shows you all the places around you where you can get these things. Sounds great, right? Well, there’s more! Nexit will also display where you can get all three of these items at the same place.

Not going on a trip soon? Nexit can still help you out: City Mode works perfectly if you’re driving through your city! Whether you’re walking in New York City or driving around your local market, Nexit’s Travmatch brings magic to your daily needs – big or small.

Revolutionary Travel with City Mode

The innovation of Nexit’s revolutionary City Mode doesn’t stop there. As well as being able to search for an unlimited combination of brands, stores, and restaurants, City Mode lets you filter your results in several ways. Whether you need vegan food, a pet-friendly place, or free Wi-Fi (or even all three at the same location), Nexit’s City Mode will find all these near and around you simultaneously!

Happy and safe city-exploring!

Team Nexit.