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Planning a RV Vacation with Nexit

RV vacations are growing more and more popular in the US – and it’s not surprising why. RVing offers you a great way to see and do lots while allowing you to be comfortable. You can just load up the family, some snacks, and hit the road! However, we understand that it can be difficult to be spontaneous and still effective, so check out the best way to go about planning a RV vacation with Nexit!

Planning your RV Vacation with Nexit

RV Vacation with Nexit

While the RVs you can get today are fully equipped with all the home comforts you can imagine – RV vacationing might still seem a little daunting to some. We know that planning a great road trip can be difficult, but RVing’s impulsive nature can lead to a little stumble here and there. This is why Nexit is made to be intuitive to your driving and can predict where you’re going! Nexit displays all your options at the exits along your route – so if you want to visit Haagen Dazs, you don’t need to worry about wasting time and going out of your way.

Planning a RV road trip can be exhausting, and a less structured vacation could be a better alternative for you. Here’s where Nexit can come in handy again! You can filter and find any kind of stop while you’re on the road with the touch of a button. Do you need a pet-friendly hotel in 500 miles? Nexit will find one along your route for you. And you want an Outback Steakhouse at the same exit? Nexit will do that, too.

Spontaneous travel with Nexit means you don’t have to miss out on things!

RVing Safely in 2021 with Nexit

Check out our guide to Planning the Ultimate Family Road Trip to find out how RVing could be the perfect vacation style for you during the pandemic.

RVing and Nexit both meet all your travel needs and comforts!

Happy and safe driving 🚗

Team Nexit.