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Easter Egg Hunt Road Trip by Nexit

No plans for your Easter weekend? Join the Nexit Team in our Easter Egg Hunt Road Trip! We’ll be documenting our journey across the USA following Easter clues that lead to popular road trip destinations. Let’s go!

Easter Egg Hunt Clue 1:

Easter Egg Hunt Road Trip

That means we’re kicking off our Easter Egg Hunt Road Trip in the Southeast! We begin in Florida – driving through the art deco-themed roads of Miami to the glorious beaches of Key West. Using Nexit’s real-time navigation features, we skipped the traffic and arrived in Orlando – the home of the mouse; Disneyworld! We found our next clue:

Easter Egg Hunt Clue 2:

Easter Egg Hunt Road Trip

Next, we’re going North to New York City  – the Big Apple! While we were traveling, we used the Nexit City Mode feature, so we were able to search for an unlimited number of brands and categories in the city. We just had to visit some stores for some shopping! When we were finished we found the next clue:

Easter Egg Hunt Clue 3:

Easter Egg Hunt Road Trip

This Easter road trip would be pretty daunting if it wasn’t for Nexit. On-route to our final Easter Egg Hunt Road Trip destination, we needed to stop for gas. Using Nexit, we were able to save money and find an exit with the cheapest gas along our route! After a few hours, we’d arrived at our final destination: Washington, D.C. We did some sightseeing of American history and treated ourselves to some chocolatey Easter eggs! What a trip!

We hope you enjoyed our Easter road trip as much as we did! 

Happy Easter and safe driving!

Team Nexit.

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